Ford Supervan 4.2 to Appear at PPIHC

Ford Performance will be competing in the 101st running of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with the all-new Ford SuperVan 4.2, an all-electric demonstrator vehicle optimized for the hill climb, the company announced.

Ford Performance and STARD Advanced Research and Development joined forces to create SuperVan 4.2, which is equipped with revised aerodynamics and a specific hill climb powertrain, Ford Performance said.

The SuperVan 4.2, refined from the SuperVan 4, has undergone a complete redesign of aerodynamics specifically engineered for the high-altitude air of the Pikes Peak atmosphere, Ford engineers said, while increasing downforce – over 4,400 pounds at 150 miles per hour. Key features to aero include a lightweight carbon fiber rear spoiler and front splitter. The chassis of SuperVan 4.2 also underwent a weight reduction, Ford said.

Ford Performance and STARD also further refined the powertrain by reducing the number of STARD UHP 6-phase motors from four to three, and utilizing STARD’s Ultra High Performance Li-Polymer NMC pouch cells, allowing the van to achieve an optimal power-to-weight ratio while retaining its all-wheel-drive system with one motor powering the front and two in the rear. The powertrain produces over 1,050 kW (1,400 horsepower) combined discharge power.

Ford Performance and STARD also equipped SuperVan 4.2 with a revised regenerative braking system with carbon ceramic brake discs, magnesium forged wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero race tires, upgraded driveshafts, a perspex windscreen, and a minimalist race interior to remove any weight that is not mandatory.

A.J. Hecht

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