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Featured Product: VOXX Power System – On-Demand Jump Starter

Sponsored by VOXX Electronics

The VOXX Power System is an emergency, on-demand jump starter that works on automotive, marine and powersport applications, giving you the power you need when you need it most.

The VPS is installed in any of the flexible mounting locations and wires directly to the vehicle’s main battery. As the vehicle is driven, the VPS pulls a trickle charge to fill its Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, ensuring it is always fully charged. Once full, the intelligent patent-pending circuitry stops charging. When the driver needs to jump the vehicle, they open the VPS app hit “Jump” and they are on their way, all without leaving the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

VOXX Power System gives loved ones, teen drivers, fleet and emergency vehicles the power they need when they need it most.

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