Featured Product: MAHLE Motorsports Hemi 5.7L Dome PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

Oct 26, 2020

MAHLE Motorsport has now added to its growing line of power-adder ready pistons a new 5.7L Hemi, in stock stroke and 3.00-inch stroker applications.

These new forged Chrysler kits deliver strength, added compression and durability, with a unique dome shape designed to work with early 85cc 5.7L heads including the 2009+ 65cc 5.7L heads and 74cc 6.1L cylinder heads.

This kit offers cylinder head interchangeability that can be combined with a variety of stock & aftermarket gasket thicknesses to achieve a large number of compression ratio combinations.

Forged with 2618 alloy for high-temperature strength and durability, the pistons are dual coated with phosphate and MAHLE’s GRAFA skirt coating for reduced drag & wear and optimized ring lands for maximum durability in power adder applications.

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