Featured Product: LIQUI MOLY Oil for New BMW Models

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With German imports in particular, there is a trend towards adapting the requirements to the oil for every new engine generation – one of the many adjusting options used by car manufacturers to increase the efficiency of their vehicles and reduce emissions.

LIQUI MOLY offers Top Tec 6600 0W-20 for the latest BMW models. It is a fully synthetic oil in the viscosity 0W-20 that BMW has officially approved for its BMW Longlife-17 FE+ specification.

The BMW Longlife-17 FE+ approval has been developed to reduce the risk of Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI). Here, the gasoline and air mixture ignites spontaneously in the combustion chamber before the ignition spark is created. This can lead to engine knocking and serious engine damage. However, caution is also required: The BMW Longlife-17 FE+ specification is not backwards compatible, so Top Tec 6600 0W-20 must not be used in cars that require an older Longlife standard.

Top Tec 6600 0W-20 also bears official approvals from Mercedes (MB approval 229.71, MB approval 229.72) and Jaguar Land Rover (STJLR.03.5006). It is also suitable for Ford models (Ford WSS-M2C 947-B1, Ford WSS-M2C 962-A1).

If you are unsure which oil is the right one for a particular car, whether German import, domestic or Asian, a look at the LIQUI MOLY oil guide will help. Just a few clicks and you get an overview of not only the right oils, but also other fluids such as gear and servo oils.

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