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Diesel vehicles that are primarily driven short distances can easily develop problems with their diesel particulate filter (DPF). This is because the soot particles are filtered out of the exhaust gas in the first step.

During normal operation of the vehicle, the soot is then burnt off again. If you take a lot of short trips at low speeds, the soot can no longer be completely burnt off. Additional fuel is then injected into the combustion chamber from time to time after the actual combustion, which increases the exhaust gas temperature and burns the soot that has been filtered out. Most of the soot then passes through the tailpipe as CO2, leaving only a small amount of ash in the filter. Thanks to this automatic regeneration, which ultimately empties the filter down to the ash again, the filter works for as many as 10,000 miles. Only when it is full of ash has it reached the end of its life and must be replaced. However, this automatic regeneration also requires a minimum temperature of the filter. And this is often not the case on brief journeys, so that regeneration is not completed or does not even begin.

The result: The filter clogs and the car goes into “limp home mode” or stops completely. The workshop can provide a quick remedy here: the DPF Cleaning Kit by LIQUI MOLY. The kit can be used to unblock filters clogged with soot without having to remove the filter at all. The DPF Cleaning Kit includes a spray wand with five different tips, a pressurized spray gun, a cleaning liquid and a purge fluid.

It’s easy to use: All you need to do is remove the pressure or temperature sensor of the exhaust system. Then the probe can be inserted through the opening and the cleaning agent sprayed directly into the particulate filter. Its active ingredients dissolve the encrusted soot. After a few minutes of exposure time, the next step is to spray in the purge fluid. The whole process only takes 30 minutes. After that, the regeneration cycle of the filter must be activated manually in order to burn the dissolved soot in the filter.

Because the cleaning does not take long, the customer does not have to go without their car for days and can wait during the cleaning. As a result, not only can the workshop help them out of a tight spot quickly, it also helps to save your customer money. The alternative would be to remove the filter and send it to a company that specializes in filter cleaning. This not only takes longer but is also significantly more expensive. Not to mention the cost of replacing the clogged diesel particulate filter with a new one.

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