Featured Product: EXEDY Street Racing Twin Organic Series

First in EXEDY’s SR Series clutch kits, the Twin Organic Series is ideal for a mild to moderately modified vehicle that also serves as a daily driver. Fits ’06-‘10 Mustang GT, ‘11-‘17 Mustang GT, Boss, GT350 and GT500 Coyote applications.

EXEDY’s Street Racing Twin Organic Clutch Kit for the Ford Mustang has the new SR series nickel-plated ductile material cover and pressure plate, floating strap drive, patented Ultra Fiber discs and the use of dowel pins for proper alignment.

The SR Cover/PP allows for an increased torque holding capacity of 900 ft.-lbs., while the floating strap drive improves disc life by ensuring an even and consistent disengagement and engagement. The Ultra Fiber discs maintain a superior half-engagement OE feel, while the dowel pin configuration keeps it in the proper balance to prevent power loss and loss of rotational response caused by improper balance. This kit is ideal for mild to moderately modified vehicles that also serve as daily drivers.

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