Featured Product: CAT-RAP Catalytic Converter Security

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The CAT-RAP is Pop & Lock’s newest security device aimed at deterring catalytic converter theft. As catalytic converter theft skyrockets across the country, the need for a universal solution has become top priority for fleets and end users alike.

INCREASED SECURITY: With the CAT-RAP protecting your vehicle’s catalytic converters, thieves will think twice about the time, noise and effort it will take to defeat. Designed for anyone to install, the CAT-RAP will confuse, frustrate and deter catalytic converter theft.

DURABLE MATERIALS: Designed with all stainless steel components, the CAT-RAP resists corrosion despite being exposed to the harshest of vehicle environments.

UNIVERSAL & INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Compatible with many vehicle platforms, the CAT-RAP can be easily installed within 30 minutes on a wide variety of vehicles regardless of the catalytic converter’s orientation. Its patent pending design creates individual security loops through each channel of the security plate making it difficult to defeat. Optimized cable length provides flexibility for wrapping techniques while installing. No drilling or welding needed.

DESIGNED IN AMERICA, MADE IN AMERICA: The CAT-RAP is designed, manufactured and built in America to ensure a high-quality product and fast delivery times.

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