Expedition Motor Company Introduces ‘White Wolf’ G-Wagen Build

Restoration strives to honor the vehicle’s storied heritage…

For more than 40 years, the Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen (more commonly known as the G-Wagen) has served as one of the most celebrated adventure vehicles in the world. Built to reliably perform in the world’s harshest, most unforgiving terrain, enthusiasts note the vehicle has become synonymous with elite performance and timeless style.

Expedition Motor Company (EMC) has unveiled the company’s latest G-Wagen project, a fully restored 1990 250GD Wolf that the restoration firm has playfully dubbed “The White Wolf.”

Produced for roughly three years in the early 1990s, a limited quantity of 250GD G-Wagen trucks were built for military use. EMC currently owns the largest stock of Geländewagens in the world, with the sole purpose of restoring one specific configuration of these capable vehicles—two-door convertible G-Wagens powered by the original five-cylinder diesel engine.

“Our goal at Expedition Motor Company is to flawlessly restore one of the finest adventure vehicles ever conceived, the G-Wagen. With more than 40 years since the G-Wagen first appeared on the market, our team dedicates thousands of hours on each new build to properly honor this vehicle’s storied heritage,” stated Alex Levin, EMC founder.

EMC G-Wagen White Wolf

Fan appreciate the vehicle’s military durability and iconic design.

“But the best part is that these trucks are so versatile,” Levin noted. “An EMC truck can go anywhere and handle just about any terrain with ease. These trucks can serve as the ultimate beach cruiser while also being fully capable of traversing a winding mountain road without hesitation.”

Sporting a sophisticated white exterior paint scheme along with corresponding mushroom-colored vinyl interior, work on the latest EMC G-Wagen restoration took about 2,100 hours. The 250GD started its new life with a complete strip-down and media blasting of the truck’s frame before adding anti-corrosive primer and a new powder-coat.

Brand-new fuel and brake lines and body mounts were added and then the factory axles were disassembled, cleaned and finished with new internals. The brake calipers were re-engineered and bolstered with replacement rotors and drums, and EMC’s internally developed suspension was fitted to deliver modern driving abilities.

‘White Wolf’ features the durable OM602 2.5L inline-five diesel engine, which was cleaned and rebuilt with new pistons, seals, timing belt, water pump and other components. Mated to the stout engine block is the stock 711.7 5-speed manual transmission, which was disassembled, cleaned and refreshed with new seals, a new clutch and a new throwout bearing. The transfer case received the same treatment to ensure a completely reliable and enjoyable driving experience.

“We’ve had several clients tell us that their EMC Wolf elicits a feeling of freedom and happiness unlike anything they’ve ever driven before,” Levin continued. “Owning a G-Wagen like this is a rare asset that very few others have in their collection, and we take great pride in providing a driving experience that few other vehicles can emulate. We fully understand that the driving experience of an EMC Wolf is not for everyone, but for those chasing the authentically rugged experience of driving a go-anywhere, do-anything type of truck, we are able to provide that without question.”

1990 EMC G-Wagen White Wolf restoration
The 1990 250GD started its new life with a complete strip-down and media blasting of the truck’s frame before the addition of handling, power and interior upgrades.

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