ECD Automotive Design Reveals New Custom Vehicle Configurator

The web-based application works with ECD’s Defender, Range Rover & Jaguar E-Type restorations…

ECD Automotive Design Inc. (NASDAQ: ECDA) has launched a new web-based custom vehicle configurator. The configurator is a design tool that allows users to customize and visualize their dream vehicles from any computer, tablet or phone.

“This isn’t your standard vehicle configuration tool. We kept the user experience in the forefront to ensure not only user friendliness, but also to elevate its abilities,” said Tom Humble, chief experience officer and co-founder of ECD.

ECD’s system provides 3D visualization from an infinite number of camera angles. The previous ECD configurator system provided more than 2 million possible combinations, whereas the new system is limitless and the user can design from the comfort of their own home.

ECD Automotive Design Reveals New Custom Vehicle Configurator | THE SHOP

The web-based design tool allows users to configure the exterior of their dream classic Defender, Range Rover or Jaguar E-Type with option categories such as roof style, body color, roll cage type, vent type, side-step, hinge type, door handle color, sunroof, front and rear lighting, grille type, front bumper type, steering guard, accessories, emblems and more, according to the company. 

A sample of interior configuration options include, but is not limited to, dash, trim, seating and console colors, seating configurations and type, steering wheel options, and pedal, flooring and gauge options.

“This tool allows anyone to dream and configure a custom ECD vehicle to their specifications at any location,” said Scott Wallace, CEO. “It allows the user to configure a custom vehicle with literally endless possibilities.”

Once designed, users can save their configurations and send them to ECD before setting their appointments. The configurations can also be saved and transferred between Range Rover and Defender models where applicable.

Humble added, “Our goal is to constantly evolve the user experience and be the benchmark. Our clients are always our first priority, and we will continue to listen to their needs and respond positively,”

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