ECD Automotive Design Details New EV Powertrain Development

ECD Automotive Design (ECD), a Florida-based company specializing in Land Rover restorations, has released new details about its second-generation electric powertrain systems.

In 2020, ECD began offering electric powertrains for its Defender restorations. Over the next three years, ECD researched and tested its next generation of electric powertrains, developing a new EV system for its builds.

Several key features of ECD’s second generation of electric powertrains are:

  • Fast Charge: The second-generation systems feature high speed charging, going from 10% to 80% in less than one hour.
  • Creep Mode: Facilitates slow driving when the brake is released to simulate the driver experience of a traditional automatic transmission. The new feature is also powerful enough to hold an ECD build at a stop on inclines.
  • Cruise Control: New electric vehicles will have standard cruise control functionality.
  • All-new components: Each build will receive a brand-new, U.S.-made electric system. Plus, each component has warranties from the vendor, improving customer service time.
  • Two- or four-wheel drive: Offering the ability to choose between better range or off-road ability.
  • Changeable drive modes (Sport, Eco, Normal): Drivers can toggle through three new drive modes, changing the throttle pedal response, power and efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Interactive touchscreen display: The display will show real time data, including accurate charge information and mileage range until empty.

“Over the years, we’ve seen a trend emerging: Our clients choose electric more often because of its incredible acceleration, durability and relative lack of maintenance compared to traditional engines,” said Elliot Humble, chief technology officer and co-founder of ECD. “These new features in our next generation of EV systems showcase our commitment – from R&D to quality control checks – to delivering this for clients.”

A.J. Hecht

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