Drummer Faces Off Against AWE in ‘RevOff’

AWE, a precision engineering and manufacturing firm outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, orchestrated a “RevOff” to pit their AWE Touring Edition Exhaust for the Jeep Trackhawk against progressive metal band Periphery’s drummer, Matt Halpern.

The RevOff features a “call and response” battle where the Trackhawk, situated on AWE’s “Moment of Truth” AWD Mustang Dyno, blasts its exhaust note in multiple bursts, each time responded to with a solo by Halpern. The video culminates with a head to head full-throttle run, with Halpern’s tuned Trackhawk which has been dyno-verified to produce 920 peak crank horsepower at over 170MPH.

AWE’s RevOffs generally compare vehicles, including the classic “Mustang vs. Camaro” rivalry.

“When Matt approached us, it only took a couple of minutes to realize this was the only way to consummate our partnership. A very ridiculous way, but the only way. Fans of both AWE, Periphery and Matt specifically are going to need to watch this and make the call – who won the epic RevOff?” said AWE VP of Marketing, Jesse Kramer.

Halpern daily drives his AWE-equipped WK2 Jeep Trackhawk, which is also modified with a BlackOps Auto Works Demon Hood, Swift Springs, aFe Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake and the High Horse Performance Stage 1 Package, including Metco Upper Pulley, Mishimoto 180 Thermostat, Demon Injectors, Gates Heavy Duty Green Belt, UPR Catch Can and Crank Case Breather and a Diablosport Unlocked PCM T2 handheld custom dyno tune.

“This RevOff was an absolute blast. It comprised three of my favorite things: creating fun content, drums and horsepower. From the planning stages through execution, working with AWE was fun and easy, and I couldn’t be happier with the ultimate result. My Trackhawk sounds better than ever. Also, [for what it’s worth], I think I won the RevOff.”

AWE worked with High Horse Performance to create the video.

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