Consumer Research Guides Road Armor’s Jeep JL Accessories to Market

Road Armor reached out to distributors, dealers and customers to get a better idea of their wants and needs before developing the Jeep JL Stealth Series. To share a behind-the-scenes look at that process, Road Armor interviewed its techs in the engineering department to showcase how the new Jeep products came together.

Question: What is the product name?

Engineering Department: Road Armor JL Stealth Fender Flares and Inner Fender Liners

Question: What are the special features?

Engineering Department: Ease of installation and accentuation of the new JL Jeep body lines are two of the best features of the new Road Armor JL Stealth Fender Flares and Inner Fender Liners. With no rivet inserts, trimming or drilling required – and a plug-and-play harness developed for the accent lights – we developed them with techs in mind, simplifying and shortening the install times to approximately 60 to 90 minutes per pair. The liners were also designed to work seamlessly with both our fenders and OEM fenders to allow for larger tire clearance, and for the integration of our 8-inch switchback accent lights when replacing the OEM light in stock fenders.

Question: How did you decide on the creation of those features?

Engineering Department: Through the use of multiple in-depth surveys and questionnaires, we found that 34 percent of distributors, dealers and customers were dissatisfied with the way the Jeep fender flares looked. Using that information, along with other key research takeaways, initial prototypes were created and improved throughout the production process with a focus on efficient reproducibility. A large amount of research and development time was spent on the flares, specifically, due to the outsourcing of electronics and the final production of the plug-and-play harness that we wanted to prioritize with this product line. Perfecting them took time, but we believe the end result has a timeless look that will complement the Jeep even as styles and trends change over time.

Question: What are the vehicle applications this product fits?

Engineering Department: We set out to create something different from what’s been done with the Jeep JK and other older models. The Road Amor JL Stealth Fender Flares and Inner Fender Liners are unlike anything we’ve put on the market before, both in design and strength, and really help set the two- and four-door Jeep JL apart.

Question: What is the material this product was created with?

Engineering Department:The flares were created with 11-gauge steel, which is used in the design of safes and is one of the stronger materials on the market. Not only did it allow us to design specific angles and shapes that aren’t possible with other materials, but its light weight helped to keep the overall weight down.

Question: Are there any specific finishes to this product you are most excited about?

Engineering Department: The inner liners were created with brushed stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and stronger than other materials on the market. Not only does this contribute to the distinct, unique brushed look you see on the Jeep JL, but it is also less likely to be damaged by debris on the road and other elements over time.

Question: Is there anything special about this product that you feel is better than our competitors?

Engineering Department: Our research showed that 70 percent of respondents indicated they wanted a system that offers more protection over stock. With that in mind, we developed superior steel inner liners and flares to replace the factory plastic parts and fully protect your customers’ Jeeps.

Question: Is there anything you would want a jobber to know? 

Engineering Department: The most important thing to note is the quick and easy install of the Road Armor JL Stealth Fender Flares and Inner Fender Liners. With no need for extensive wiring for lighting, drilling, riveting or trimming, the cost to your consumers is actually lower due to the massive decrease in install time compared to our competitors.

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Road Armor’s Jeep JL Stealth Series is the originator in smooth steel front bumpers and Jeep accessories. Specifically designed for the JL body style to follow, complement, and accentuate the body lines of a Jeep, the Stealth Series is built with precision and care to withstand any obstacles. With additional options to include a tire carrier, pillar, inner linings and contoured flares, these bumpers and accessories fit any Jeep enthusiasts’ style. For more information, visit roadarmor.com.

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