Cashing in on the Lifted Era

The automotive suspension market has seen considerable development in recent years, with the lifted look taking on major cultural relevance. The trend is expected to continue, according to Allied Market Research. The global segment is expected to grow to $284 billion by 2022, placing it among the most lucrative aftermarket automotive product markets.

For these reasons, it would be advantageous for automotive businesses to begin developing strategies to benefit from this rapidly expanding sector. Shop owners should consider the following factors when approaching the suspension marketplace:

  1. Know your customer – There are two factors to consider when evaluating potential customers: style and performance. Some customers enjoy the lifted look, but may not particularly care about the performance benefits. Others may need suspension products for off-roading or other performance related purposes. Being able to quickly and successfully read your customer and determine which one of these factors they value most, can mean the difference between a lost sale and a repeat-customer.
  2. Know the product – This is the most important factor in making the sale. When customers visit your business, they expect to have their questions answered satisfactorily. This requires an in-depth understanding of the products and related options. Be prepared to address the following options for customers when they ask:
    • Purpose: There are two major purposes for installing lift kits, ground clearance and larger tire fitment. Be prepared to make a recommendation based on the purpose of the lift modification.
    • Lift size: Be prepared to recommend a lift height based on the primary reason driving the purchase. Lift kits are usually available in three different sizes: small (usually 1.5 inches or less), medium (around 2 inches) and large (about 3 to 4 inches). Get a full understanding of your customer’s lifestyle and how they use their vehicle to properly advise a lift size.
    • Performance and Handling: Be prepared to advise your customers about the performance and handling effects of adding suspension products and larger tires. Adding larger tires means more weight is added to the vehicle and more stress to the motor. Raising the vehicle means less aerodynamical performance and the potential for less cornering stability. Customers should have a full understanding of what impact the suspension product will have on the vehicle.
  3. Advise proper installation – While some customers may be quite knowledgeable under the hood, it is best to advise your customers to seek professional help with installing suspension products. Many installations can be extremely complex, requiring additional modifications to facilitate larger tires and greater power. Always recommend that suspension products be installed by a licensed and experienced mechanic.
  4. Warranty – This may be the biggest key to increasing sales in the suspension aftermarket. No other factor convinces a customer to complete the purchase better than the knowledge that a manufacturer guarantees their product with a comprehensive, multi-year warranty. For this reason, when your company is making the determination about which brand of suspension products to carry, a good warranty should be a primary determining factor on your list. An extended warranty program-such as TrailFX’s X-Guard Plus Powertrain Warranty-can be a powerful selling tool to create and retain customers. When customers leave your establishment, they not only want to leave with a product but also with the peace of mind that their product is guaranteed.

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As the suspension market continues to boom, businesses need to continue building their knowledge within the sector. Whether a shop is brand new to the market or has years of experience with suspension products, it is important to stay updated with trends and customer needs as technology and culture changes. Understanding the ins-and-outs of suspension products, warranties, and installation capabilities will build trust with customers. Having the expertise when customers need it is what keeps them coming back. Brushing up on the latest news and products in the suspension category can lead to a successful sale and a successful business.

Cashing in on the Lifted Era | THE SHOP

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