Can-Jam Motorsports Discovered Secret Sauce Long Ago

Stewart Hoo, owner of Can-Jam Motorsports, joined THE SHOP staffer Anthony Bowe for an on-camera interview during the PRI Show in Indianapolis. Hoo’s business is based in Ontario, Canada, but a lot of the shop’s customers derive from the U.S.

Can-Jam Motorsports was started in 1982 and it has been cutting its teeth on the race track ever since. Its success has generated plenty of attention in the states, including invites from Motovicity Distribution for the shop’s cars to appear in its SEMA and PRI trade show booths.

As Hoo discusses in the video above, the shop has witnessed a lot of change in the industry since its founding. While Cam-Jam Motorsports has changed with the times, Hoo explains why it’s important to not bend to each and every trend that comes down the pike.

For more, check out the interview above.

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Anthony Bowe

Anthony Bowe is the former digital content editor of THE SHOP magazine.

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