Blackbridge Motors Presents a Remastered Defender With Classic Styling

The Mark X is designed to offer contemporary drivability characteristics…

Blackbridge Mark X GM LT1 engine
A 6.2L LT1 engine powers three driving configurations: Off-Road, Sport and Touring.

Blackbridge Motors has debuted a remastered Land Rover Defender with classic styling called the Mark X. Crafted and built entirely in 2023, this project “surpasses traditional restoration, embodying the seamless integration of timeless design with contemporary drivability,” company officials stated in a press release.

Designed and manufactured at Blackbridge Motors’ fully vertical, state-of-the-art facility in Norwalk, Connecticut, the Mark X is a brand-new vehicle designed to mirror the classic Defender’s aesthetics. Combining iconic style and reliability, the SUV has the appeal of a classic car coupled with hassle-free ownership.

“Drawing from our extensive experience designing and developing modernization solutions for classic vehicles, the Mark X epitomizes the pinnacle of our capabilities,” said Scott Gilbert, CEO. “It’s not merely a restoration; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to redefine the classic car experience.”

Blackbridge Mark X leather interior

Incorporating a hand-woven spice and maple leather interior and Calderon Blue finish, the Mark X is designed to blend daily driving luxury with a sense of adventure, according to the company. Under the hood, the GM 6.2L V-8 LT1 engine pushes out 465 hp to an 8-speed automatic transmission resting on a completely redesigned chassis developed in partnership with the award-winning chassis engineering firm Roadster Shop.

The Mark X platform offers three driving configurations. The Off-Road trim package on a recent build featured a 3-inch lift, heavy-duty FOX off-road coil-overs, 35-inch tires and a Warn Industries winch.

With Sport and Touring packages also available, the Mark X can be ordered to fit the driving style of the owner.

Blackbridge Motors is limiting the annual production of the Mark X to 25 units priced at $289,950.

Blackbridge Mark X blue Defender side image
The SUV is designed to “embody the seamless integration of timeless design with contemporary drivability.”

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