Baja Designs Takes Laser Technology Off the Beaten Path

Baja Designs has introduced a new series of products incorporating laser diodes.

Laser light provides 350 percent greater projection distance than conventional lighting sources, including LED, so it’s ideal for off-road vehicle owners. Laser lighting provides extended range illumination of a mile or more, highly directional lighting output, and a compact design, according to Baja Designs.

The company offers two new products implementing its laser diode technology. One is a light bar that takes advantage of the strengths of both LEDs and lasers to cover near, mid-range, and long distance light zones; the other is a laser light that illuminates far distances.

Because the light source emitted from the laser chip is much finer and narrower than a conventional source, they can be paired with much smaller reflectors while achieving far greater results, according to Baja Designs. The reflector for each laser chip is just 1.5 inches compared to a size of up to 10 percent required for some halogen, HID or LED sources.

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