Truck Shell Selling Points for Families

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When it comes to finding the right selling points for our consumers, there’s an endless number or approaches we may or may not be aware of. Mountain biking enthusiasts and contractors don’t have the same needs or desires when it comes to shopping for a truck shell, just like devoted fly fishermen or families. There are so many different options to point out and choose from that a tailored approach can help seal the deal.

However, when it comes to the “family truck,” there are a number of ways to help make it an easy decision to purchase a truck shell. The great thing about working with a family truck is that, generally, families with children have a lot of needs and possible desires.

As we know, the current economic situation is making people think twice about what might otherwise be considered a “truck upgrade.” Millennials and their predecessors are our primary consumer pool at this point, and families made up of these generations could use the help in understanding the value of buying a truck shell.

It’s All for the Children

Any good parent knows when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, they need to consider the impact of that vehicle on their family and its ability to serve their family. Since many working families own two vehicles, and nearly half of the vehicles owned and registered in the US are trucks, it stands to reason that a large percentage of families will most likely own a pickup. If that’s the case, that pickup will most likely need to serve the family.

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that you can make the most of where you live and load up the family to head off to your favorite swimming hole, park, trailhead or camping spot. What makes that experience better is knowing that your day or weekend can be safely packed up and thrown into the bed of a pickup. For a family that likes to be active, a major selling point of a truck shell is that a fiberglass shell is light and extremely effective at protecting kids gear from the elements, highway wind, road dust and prying eyes. Kids’ beach toys won’t blow out on the freeway, their smores chocolate won’t get melted in the sun, and their Christmas bicycle or soccer balls won’t get picked off when the family stops off at a restaurant on a road trip.

When it comes to approaching families, offering valid points about the security of their possessions makes adding a truck shell a pretty logical decision, and is a way of giving them peace of mind. A truck is great for hauling loads, and families have loads to haul, so a truck shell can offer them a safer way to get their type of cargo from point A to point B.

Truck Shell Selling Points for Families | THE SHOP

A Shell for a Rainy Day

Another great selling point of a truck shell is pointing out that the upgrade to the vehicle is more than just added security for their gear. A truck shell is also a great way to turn a truck bed into an oasis or safe place on wheels. It makes for a good place to be when you’re far from the comforts of home and you need a quick roof over your head.

A shell like the SnugTop Hi-Liner series offers relief from a sudden rainstorm at the park or swimming pond, and the elevated roof makes for better headspace so no one feels too cramped. Or, when the kids are hot from a hike and need a place to just hang out, a truck shell can serve as a shaded and comfortable place that also helps keep them safe. And, every parent knows that any outing with small children is going to include at least one diaper change. Giving a parent a safe and comfortable place to take care of their children, even in a busy area, is a major selling point.

Truck Shell Selling Points for Families | THE SHOP

Everyone Loves Fido

We cannot honestly say that all selling points are just about the two-legged creatures in the home. Nearly 40% of American households own a dog, and nearly half of the households in America own a truck.

Just like children, having a safe place to travel with a dog is a must for K9 owners. Keeping them safe, ventilated, and safe from the elements like rain, excessive heat and cold is a great thing to think about. Also, you can offer great upgrades like “dog screens” available in a number of the LEER Cab-High lineup.

Truck Shell Selling Points for Families | THE SHOP

Grocery Shopping Made Easy

If you have, or know someone, with teenage children, you know that a lot of their financial consideration might be tied up in how they are going to transport and pay for all that food. Trips to the grocery stores are a weekly, if not biweekly, occurrence.

Just like the considerations made for highway winds blowing beach toys all over the place, ‘grocery safety’ is also a selling point. Keep the cab space clear for passengers while also being able to keep all those bags of chips, cheese balls and juice boxes safe from the elements is a similar plus.

Truck Shell Selling Points for Families | THE SHOP

Never Forget Couples Night

Finally, when it comes to family, we can’t forget the parents. Many couples that have a truck enjoy the possibility of packing up and driving off to enjoy a getaway together. Forget the hotel, motel or even Airbnb. A truck is all you need to make a quick and cozy no-kids getaway possible for pennies on the dollar. As many overlanders know, there are almost unlimited possibilities for morning views as long as you head out with the right road trip essentials.

With the right perspective, families with trucks can be shown the many benefits a truck shell would have for their diverse lifestyles.

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