5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Sales in Any Economy

“Would you like fries with that?”

Of course you would, because it’s not really a question. Who doesn’t want fries?

Fast food workers generate millions of dollars in add-on sales with the fries question. Unfortunately, aftermarket sales people will often assume that customers already know what they want and struggle with basic recommendations. But here’s the thing: you’re the expert, they’re not-¦and they won’t know until they hear it.

Fortunately, with a few simple moves even a novice can measurably grow your business in any economy. Here’s how:

  1. Start small and focus on easy wins

When you start small you control the variables. For example, set the goal of two add on sale pitches each day before 2 p.m. and three successful add on sales over the course of the week. By doing this you define the task and the desired outcome. Not to mention, it’s an easy win that gives your staff the positive, forward momentum they need.

  1. Identify the best add on sale opportunities

As an enthusiast, there are part combos you surely believe in. For example, when you lift or add additional payload to your truck, you want to increase your vehicle’s stability; so make your add on sale a Hellwig sway bar with every lift kit, air kit, and tow hitch inquired about. In other words, “would you like a sway bar with that?”

  1. Create a clear, easy to remember pitch

Develop a scripted pitch with your team that is authentic. Include one to three questions that reinforce what you already know to be true-the customer will have a better driving experience with the lift kit and the Hellwig sway bar.

  1. Document and celebrate every success

People should be recognized for their efforts and celebrated for their success. Follow up with your staff every day to see how they did. Ask them to reenact the pitch and record their results. When they meet their goal, acknowledge their work and reward their success.

  1. Model and repeat

Things aren’t always going to go right, but that’s why you review the pitches made with your staff. Review and adjust your pitches over time to create a ‘best fit’ pitch that can be modeled. Then take that model, repeat it with other fitting add on sales opportunities and watch your sales grow.

In today’s age of efficiency-driven online shopping, customers relish a quality sales experience. And, when they walk through your doors, that is exactly what you can deliver with a knowledgeable staff armed with add on sale training. Get to know your customer, identify their needs, and chances are they do want fries with that.

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Since 1946 Hellwig has been developing high quality suspension components that improve vehicle load and sway control. The company’s product portfolio includes a vast catalog of sway bars, helper springs and air bag kits for aftermarket and OEM applications. For additional information, visit hellwigproducts.com.

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