3 Action Steps to Increase Sales

During this worldwide pandemic when many businesses are struggling to stay alive, wouldn’t it be helpful to know what you–a shop owner/manager–can do to find new customers, increase sales and make more money? Here are a few actionable ideas that could make a difference for you in 2022.

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Timbren Industries began with the premise that suspensions could and should work better. In 1968, Timbren introduced Aeon rubber springs and started manufacturing SES (Suspension Enhancement System) suspension upgrade kits. Without question, Timbren has demonstrated leadership in the development of rubber spring technology. After many years of continuous experimentation and innovation, the dedicated people at Timbren have gained – through practical experience – a thorough understanding of the dynamic characteristics and properties of rubber.

1. Appeal to DIYers

While trying to stay safe by social distancing, many people are looking for ways to fill the extra hours in their day. DIY projects have certainly become popular over the past two years. Some interesting statistics that revolve around DIY consumer demographics show that 73% of millennials take on DIY projects, while only 27% hire professionals. While most automotive DIY projects are more cosmetic in nature, there are aftermarket suspension upgrades that will appeal to your DIY customers.

Helper springs come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular upgrades are metal add-a-leaf, air bags, and hollow rubber springs. The easiest to install and maintain are metal add-a-leaf and hollow rubber springs. Metal add-a-leaf products bolt on with few tools. Hollow rubber springs usually bolt in place, although some can be installed without using any tools at all. Both require zero maintenance.

3 Action Steps to Increase Sales | THE SHOP

2. Sell Safety to RV Enthusiasts

One industry that has grown exponentially over the past two years is the sale of campers and RVs. Millennials, in particular, have shown a keen interest in using the converted Sprinter van as a mobile home. Even though mobile homes have been considered a luxury item, money that would have been spent on air travel and cruises has been plowed into expensive motor homes. With more and more families taking road trips across America and Canada, the need for comfort and safety has grown as well.

As camper vans grow taller and heavier, the problem of instability increases. Suspension upgrades are the simplest and easiest way to provide safety for this expanding group of long-distance adventurers. Easy-to-install suspension upgrades provide added stability and improve the chances for greater safety. In other words: More Stability = More Safety.

3. Promise Reliability for Towing Professionals

Among the Big Three automakers – General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler (Stellantis North America) – the sale of pickup trucks and SUVs has remained strong while sedans have dropped off significantly. That’s why Ford and General Motors have discontinued the sales of sedans in favor of light-duty trucks and SUVs. Pickup trucks used to have a suspension that rode like a truck and performed like a truck. The ride wasn’t great, but they were reliable.

With the rising popularity in pickups, suspensions have been designed to ride more like a car. While this appeals to the average person who owns a pickup for personal use, professionals demand much more from their work trucks. The independent suspension on most of the new trucks can’t handle the added weight of a fully loaded construction trailer.

3 Action Steps to Increase Sales | THE SHOP

Promise your customers who tow for a living an aftermarket suspension product that has already proven to be reliable in season and out: A product that requires zero maintenance and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Whether you want to reach out to the DIY demographic with an easy-to-install suspension helper, the expanding crowd of RV enthusiasts who desire more than anything maximum safety, or the reliable performance needs of towing professionals, check out Timbren Industries for their selection of over 450 SES products.

A.J. Hecht

A.J. Hecht is the managing editor of THE SHOP and host of the In Gear with THE SHOP podcast. Have an idea, a tip, or a question you’d like to see answered? Contact A.J. at ahecht@cahabamedia.com.

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