Yooba Develops Bully Dog App

Jan 25, 2013

Boston-based Bully Dog Technologies has selected Yooba’s iPad publishing platform to develop a Bully Dog app to help its sales team provide basic company and product information to prospective customers in trade show kiosks.

“Building and deploying the app with the Yooba Web tool was as simple as could be, and Yooba’s deep feature set made implementing the vision of our design team an achievable goal,” said Josh Couch, multimedia designer at Bully Dog Technologies, in a press release.

In addition to giving Bully Dog’s sales representatives the ability to inform customers and gather sales leads, the app also allows access to newsletter subscriptions and other equipment quickly and easily. The technology is designed with large touch-friendly elements and more conventional menu options to ensure user familiarity, and a dominant, looping banner puts key information before the user as soon as they approach the iPad.

“After some initial pre-sales conversations with Bully Dog, we didn’t hear anything from them until their app was completed,” says David Nordin, president at Yooba. “We were totally amazed at the level of design, functionality and content that Bully Dog had achieved on their own. It truly shows the power and ease-of-use of the Yooba solution.”