Yokohama Tire’s Dealer Training Program Hits the Road

Yokohama Tire Corp.’s (YTC) 2017 Ride and Drive Dealer Training Program-a five-city tour across the U.S.-kicked-off this June in Seattle. The annual program helps educate YTC dealers on Yokohama products while improving their driving skills.

“The Ride and Drive program is one of Yokohama’s strongest experiential activities,” said Duane Sampson, YTC manager of motorsports, who oversees the program. “It enables our dealers to bolster their product knowledge with driving experience that highlights specific benefits of Yokohama’s diverse product line. This experience gives them the confidence to speak knowledgeably about the benefits of Yokohama tires with their customers.”

Sampson said dealers will advance their knowledge while driving four modified BMW 228i coupes equipped with Yokohama’s new ADVAN A052 tires, along with ADVAN Sport A/S, and AVID Ascend tires on a variety of courses during the training program. Cities on the tour include:

  • St. Louis- July 24-28
  • Detroit-Sept. 25-29
  • Memphis, Tennessee-Oct. 16-20
  • Aberdeen, Maryland-Oct. 23-27

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