Yahoo News: Meet the DeLorean Collector With a Monster Truck, Limo and Hovercraft

Oct 21, 2015

Over the past three decades, owners of the DeLorean DMC-12 have set out to fix some of the car’s many challenges; engine upgrades, better exhausts and lowered suspension-while leaving most of the car as stock as possible.

But a lone DeLorean fanatic who became obsessed with the vehicle way before Marty McFly hit 88 mph has remixed the stainless-steel DeLorean shape into automotive creations as bizarre and brilliant of any I’ve witnessed.

As I pulled up at the inconspicuous farmhouse, surrounded by corn fields and prairie, the cars stood out like Russell Brand at a neighborhood Tupperware party. Sat on the open grass was a DeLorean roadster, a six-door DeLorean limousine, and the D-Rex-a monster truck DeLorean. What was missing, unfortunately, was his hovercraft DeLorean. Yes, a hovercraft, temporarily out of service.

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