Women’s Mustang project gets through weeks 1 through 3

Aug 20, 2012

The SEMA Mustang Build Powered by Women project was the brainchild of wrench-holding automotive pioneer woman and owner of Crazy Horse Hot Road and Custom Motorcycle Paint in Waxhaw, N.C., JoAnn Bortles.

Her idea, born out of a motorcycle-build experience, was to assemble some of the top women in the automotive world and build a project vehicle from conception to completion.

“I envisioned this project to bring women in this industry together because we are really out there and working within it. Then I started meeting SEMA Businesswomen’s Network members and encouraged them to network with other females in the industry, because we each need a support system (of other automotive women).”

The project idea not only has come to fruition, but teams comprised of some of the automotive world’s top women took a brand new stock Mustang, and since July, have been restyling the muscle car into what will be a powerful statement at SEMA’s 2012 show in Las Vegas.

Here are just a couple of things that the teams worked on during weeks one and two.

Theresa Contreras, the paint and body team lead, got part of her crew to work early.

Once the vehicle arrived at L&G Enterprises for final paint, it was first placed in their staging area to be disassembled. Above, Contreras and Addi Van Osdel, who also work at L&G’s custom truck shop division, work on disassembly. Chicago Pneumatic sent a representative to the shop for a visit and sponsored the air tools that were used to quickly take the car apart. In just a few short hours the team had taken off, bumpers, rockers, mirrors, lights, door handles, moldings, weather-stripping, and many accessories and trims.

Contreras finishes up the body work on the decklid, sanding down the bondo. Her sister, Sara Morosan, welded up the holes. “Once I finished off the edge of the engine compartment with the blue tape,” Contreras says, Morosan “went back and finished masking it up.” Veronica Gaeta masked the back window.