What’s Old is New: Program Connects Young Drivers with Classic Rides

May 11, 2016

Denver-based classic car owners will pass on driving skills and enthusiasm for classic cars to new drivers this weekend.

The Hagerty Driving Experience will provide more than 60 young drivers, ages 15-25, the opportunity to receive hands-on instruction on how to drive some of the most unique and iconic classic cars on the road. Students will learn the lost art of operating a manual transmission on a closed-course, according to officials.

The event is set for Saturday, May 14 at the Colorado State Patrol Driving Track in Golden, Colorado, and will include classroom and drive sessions. More than 10 classic vehicles will be available to drive, including a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette, 1967 Jaguar E-Type and a 1952 Chevrolet pickup.

The Hagerty Driving Experience was created to give young people the opportunity to experience different genres of classic cars to pass on the passion and skills needed to fuel the collector car community for future generations.

According to Hagerty research:

  • 69 percent of Millennials feel that the lack of special skills or knowledge needed to operate classic cars is a barrier to ownership
  • 74 percent of Millennials agree that driving a classic car would be fun and 60 percent would like to own a classic car one day
  • Today’s teens rarely have access to manual transmissions; more than 90 percent of new cars sold in North America are equipped with automatic transmissions. This trend greatly affects the skill set required to drive classic cars, which are commonly equipped with manual transmissions

For more information, contact Josh Griffin at 248-830-6938 or [email protected].