WELD Racing Acquires Performance Wheels Company

WELD Racing has acquired Forgestar Performance Wheels. The move will strategically position both brands for a stronger future in the custom, tuner, and boutique aftermarket wheel industry, according to WELD Racing.

Forgestar produces custom flow formed wheels.

“We are pleased to add Forgestar Performance Wheels to the WELD Racing family,” said Norm Young, president and CEO of WELD Racing. “Both WELD and Forgestar have a great reputation among enthusiasts and racers on the street and on the track. The two brands will compliment each other in numerous ways such as design, engineering, and manufacturing.”

Forgestar Performance Wheels will retain its Anaheim, California, location and continue with its custom flow forming technology that bridges the gap between forged and cast wheels. Forgestar Performance Wheels provide customers a wide range of styles, custom offsets and widths.

“With their increased engineering and production resources, WELD Racing is the ideal partner to continue Forgestar’s growth,” said Vincent Wong, vice president of the WELD lifestyle business unit. “With the added support, we will be able to push the boundaries of wheel manufacturing and continue to reinvent this exciting product segment.”

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