WELD Division Launches Customizable One-Piece Forged Wheels

Jan 22, 2016

CCW Forged Performance, a division of WELD, has introduced its new Concave Monoblock Series one-piece forged wheels that are fully customizable and tailor fit with shallow and deep concave profiles.

The Concave Monoblock series is the fusion of quality, style and performance for world-class automobiles and demonstrates CCW’s “uncompromising commitment to achieve maximum strength at a minimum weight,” according to Keith Kern, general manager of CCW Forged Performance.

Each wheel in the Concave Monoblock series has been tested to endure a 3,000-pound test load, making every custom wheel both track and street qualified. The series is designed for maximum performance sports cars and sports sedans.

“Thanks to CCW’s commitment to producing state-of-the-art wheels, today’s extra-large six-piston performance brakes fit perfectly behind these amazing designs,” Kern said.

Each wheel style in the series-CV570, CV510, CVM10 and CV590-is available in 18-, 19- and 20-inch diameters, and widths up to 13 inches. CCW Forged Performance offers 20 premium finish options so enthusiasts can customize each wheel to their own personal style.