Weego 44 Made for Offroad Lifestyle and Emergency Charging

Jul 15, 2016

Weego has launched the Weego Jump Starter 44, a jump starter with unique technological features.

Weego design and electrical engineers created Weego 44 to ensure it is easy-to-use, safe and reliable and that it provides power to start a gas engine up to 6.4 liters, as well as charge mobile devices including phones, tablets, laptops and other USB devices, according to the company.

Taking a page from the original Jump Starter Battery+ line, Weego Jump Starter 44 includes new and improved features to reinforce its unique design, ergonomic form and intuitive functionality, according to the company.

Features, according to Weego, include:

  • Big Battery Power-Lithium-polymer battery capable of jump starting any gas engine up to 6.4 liters and 3.2 liter diesel engines
  • Smarty Clamps-Deliver Weego power to the vehicle’s battery with sight and sound to help guide through the jumping process. Designed with a rear hinge point, Smarty Clamps have jaws that open much wider than traditional clamps
  • Enhanced Safety – Connection Detection, Over-heat Protection and Power Surge Protection technologies in the Smarty Clamps are among the new safety features of Weego 44
  • Rugged Design-With a surf ‘n turf IP65 rating, the product is protected against exposure to any dust and water spray often encountered in harsh, outdoor environments. A hood covers the power supply input when not in recharge mode and a gasket-edged front cover protects outputs
  • Flashlight-A 500 lumen flashlight with two LED lenses will stay illuminated for up to 14 hours on a single charge; the flashlight has its own dedicated power button and also has strobe and SOS functions, lasting up to 28 hours on a single charge
  • Hook and Lanyard-Weego 44 can be suspended when a stable, flat surface isn’t available during a jump start; or hang it to illuminate the engine bay
  • USB-Device Charging
  • 12-Volt Accessory Power
  • 19-Volt Laptop Charging
  • Reliable Battery Technology-The unit can be fully discharged and recharged up to 1,000 times and with the onboard Master On/Off Button, Weego Jump Starter 44 only loses two percent of its power per month when not in use. It also has an easy-to-read series of five power indicator lights 

Weego 44 packaging is a retro-inspired, keepsake lunchbox.

Included inside is the unit: Smarty Clamps, wall charger, car charger, water resistant carrying case, hook and lanyard, quick start guide, and instruction manual.

Available in August, it is the latest product in a complete line-up of Weego jump starters, jump starter accessories and rechargeable battery packs. Additional jump starters, extending the line from Weego 44 will be released early 2017.