Website Shares Corvette Stories

Jan 29, 2015

Everyone has a cool car story. Aftermarket Corvette company Mid America Motorworks takes that story to the next level by introducing

Following the success of the When Did It Start For You books and an advertising campaign called “MY Corvette Story,” Mid America Motorworks is inviting Corvette enthusiasts to share their stories firsthand with other Corvette fans and car lovers in general.

“Whether someone stops in the MY Garage Museum & Retail Store or we see them out at shows, there’s always one sure way to start a conversation-ask them about their Corvette,” said Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks. “You hear some of the most interesting stories about how they met their future spouse, how they restored a Corvette that looked just like their parents’ Corvette, or how the first time they saw a Corvette they were hooked. It’s that passion and excitement that we love to hear about and that we want to share.”

The site includes a wide range of stories, from a Corvette family that spans generations (of people and Corvettes) to a couple’s custom restoration inspired by the film Corvette Summer and nearly everything in between.

Those interested in learning how the Corvette hobby became an obsession for others can browse the Corvette stories that are already on the website, sorting stories by generation, name or date submitted. New submissions are accepted all the time and require a few weeks for review and inclusion on the site.