WEATHER GUARD Site Features Enhanced Product Comparisons

Aug 7, 2014

The site was designed utilizing action-oriented imagery of the trade in conjunction with a comprehensive portfolio of WEATHER GUARD products, according to the company.

“WEATHER GUARD is a well-respected brand in many industries and we want to ensure our website showcases the brand personality and depth of product offering,” said Stacy Gardella, director of interactive marketing. “The new website is also a valuable resource to our customers who want to compare features, specifications and overall performance of each product.”

For each product, users are able to view a dedicated page with descriptions, features and benefits, images, specifications and access additional resources such as installation instructions and parts lists. The product pages also include links to online and offline retailers where the product can be purchased. When searching for products, visitors can also compare up to three unique products to identify the best item based on application and need.

The website product data is hosted in a product information management (PIM) system, which provides up-to-date content to customers quickly and easily. This integrated functionality enables the website to showcase the complete line of WEATHER GUARD products for a personal truck, van or a demanding work vehicle.

To see the upgraded look and functionality of the new WEATHER GUARD website, please visit