VP Racing to Sponsor Prime Motivation

VP Racing Fuels has placed its support behind Prime Motivation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping disconnected youth stay in school and focus on future personal and career oriented goals.

As an Official Fuel sponsor, VP will help support events staged by Prime Motivation on high school campuses to showcase customized vehicles with the latest aftermarket and high-tech products and gadgets. The vehicles facilitate discussion of the work and skills needed to customize the vehicles and associated career opportunities in the Automotive Industry. Teens can participate in hands-on workshops, educational seminars, and demonstrations that cover topics such as mobile electronics, manufacturing, research & development, auto body, and more.

“The objective of Prime Motivation is to reduce the number of out-of-school, out-of-work youths by providing them with the opportunity to look, touch, hear and see the tour vehicles and the products installed in them,” said Donato Bonaquisto, director of marketing for VP Racing Fuels. “It’s a fun, innovative, interactive strategy which promotes a positive message to motivate youths to further their education and seek vocational training as a possible career path to help lead them towards a path of self-sufficiency, and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

In a recent TV interview, Bill Montgomery, business development director for Prime Motivation, had the opportunity to expound on the organization’s goals.

“Every high school student and teacher should know what a screw driver looks like, where to find one, and how to use it,” Montgomery said. “VP Racing Fuels is-one of the top performance brands in the world, so their support means a lot to the kids we work with and enhances our ability to accomplish our mission.”

More information about Prime Motivation is available at  For more information about VP Racing Fuels, visit

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