VOXX Shows Off Full Slate of Products at SEMA Show

VOXX Electronics Corp. (VEC) is attending the Nov. 1-4 SEMA Show in Las Vegas with a slate of new products across its extensive 12 Volt retail and car dealer specific product lines.

Inside the VOXX Electronics Booth (No. 12017) the company will have on display new products within each of their categories including Advent/Audiovox Mobile Video Overhead and Headrests, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Remote Start & Security Systems, and Telematics.

New products and technologies on display by VOXX include:

  • Blind Spot Detection—The system uses microwave based detection with approximately 30 feet of range. The sensors of the system supplement the vehicle’s interior and exterior rearview mirrors and notifies the driver with audible and visual alerts when approaching vehicles and/or objects appear in the blind spot area
  • Power Life-Gate system—offers added convenience to the way you can open your hatch.  This fully equipped plug-n-play kit integrates into a vehicles factory keyless entry system and also features buttons conveniently located at the front and rear of the vehicle, just simply press and go, let the Power Life-Gate take care of the rest.  The system features adjustable height setting allowing control of opening height and Smart Protection against closing when objects are present for added safety and convenience
  • License Plate/Universal Back-Up Cameras—wider viewing angles and trajectory parking grid-lines that move. The two cameras offer a high performance 1089 HD CCD lens with sensors that create high output results with cleaner, higher quality images than past CMOS cameras.  Both feature a 180-degree wide-angle field of view offering great visibility with virtually zero blind spots
  • Smart Rearview Mirror—Fully integrated Android operating system with built in HD DVR (Driving Video Recorder), HDMI/MHL connectivity to smartphones with touch-free controls, Bluetooth and rear and side view camera function with optional iGo Navigation
  • iRoad Dash Cam—HD front and rear video recorder with built-in WiFi which allow connection to the iRoad Mobile application for easy viewing. The iRoad V9 also detects road markings and gives audio and visual alerts to the driver when the vehicle strays out of lane (Lane Departure Warning System), when approaching too closely to the vehicle ahead to avoid collision (Forward Collision Warning System), and when vehicle ahead is moving off (Front Vehicle Departure Warning).
  • Movies2Go HD Overhead Monitorsavailable with 13.3-inch and 10.1-inch screens
  • Advent/Audiovox Headrest —featuring wired and wireless HD connectivity as well as Android Custom Headrest systems in over 1,000 vehicle applications
  • Advent 12-inch Overhead Monitor—adding to an already successful Premier 10-inch model with expanded connectivity options for the Car Dealer and Retail channels
  • NoPhoto prevents red light and speed camera tickets by detecting the camera flash of red light and speed cameras, adding additional light so the license plate appears white. The system comes equipped with four infrared/visual light optical sensors to ensure all-weather performance and does not obscure or cover any portion of the license plate.
  • CarLink offers today’s most advanced convenience and security solution allowing you to access your vehicle without the use of a transmitter, in both Bluetooth (ASCLBT) and cellular (ASCL5) models. When paired with the smartphone app, CarLink transforms your smartphone into a virtual transmitter, instantly giving you remote access to your vehicle and a direct connection to OE-style safety and convenience services. CarLink also features the industry’s first dealer activation residual program, paying dealers up to $30 per consumer activation.
  • Prestige PROCORE is a one-module solution allowing dealers to build any style of remote start by focusing on customized features based on what is most important to their customers—without stocking multiple complete kits. VOXX is also excited to announce an additional model of PROCORE that includes CarLinkBT, reducing the hardware cost and adding a smartphone controlled virtual transmitter to the system
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