VOXX Rolls Out Smartphone-Activated Remote Start

Jan 6, 2016

VOXX Electronics Corporation has introduced CarLinkBT, a Bluetooth module and smartphone app that is compatible with most popular remote start systems.

When paired with the company’s smartphone app, CarLinkBT transforms the phone into a virtual transmitter, instantly giving remote access to the vehicle and a direct connection to OE-style safety and convenience services, according to a press release.

“Remote start as we know it today has remained virtually unchanged for over 20 years, providing users with a simple and convenient way to preheat or cool their vehicle with the use of a transmitter,” said Tom Malone, president of VOXX Electronics Corp. “But what if your transmitter was locked in your car, lost, damaged or had a dead battery, leaving you with no way into your vehicle? With the introduction of CarLinkBT we have reinvented what remote start systems can now do.”

For a one-time fee of $7.99, users can download the CarLinkBT app, turning their smartphone into a virtual transmitter to unlock/lock and start their vehicle, Malone said.

Once the CarLinkBT module is installed with a compatible remote start and/or factory keyless entry and the app is downloaded, the CarLinkBT Bluetooth Basic Service delivers access to the vehicle without the use of a transmitter.

Additional services such as emergency calling, roadside assistance and driver scoring, among others, are available with the system, the company added.