VOXX Electronics Uses SEMA to Introduce New Products

VOXX Electronics Corp. (VEC) showcased several new products at last week’s SEMA Show across their extensive 12-Volt retail and car dealer specific product lines.

Inside the VOXX Electronics booth, the company displayed some of their newly introduced products including:

  • LOOK-IT-a wireless back-up camera providing users with a do-it-yourself, all-in-one back-up camera and monitor solution. Powered by Lightwave Technology, LOOK-IT is a revolutionary wireless back-up camera that takes the back-up camera technology to the next level by combing wireless smartphone technology with a high-tech built-in license frame camera. The system connects wirelessly to the user’s smartphone and turns any iPhone or Android device into the display, allowing drivers to view the footage directly on their smartphone device
  • CarLinkBT Long Range-Adds another VOXX first to the market. This entirely new product allows long range smartphone control without any monthly or annual fees. CarLinkBT Long Range offers today’s most advanced convenience and security solution when combined with a Prestige, Code Alarm or Pursuit remote start, security or keyless entry system. The system communications from a smartphone to a small one-button transmitter on your keychain via Bluetooth, and then to the vehicle using long range LoRa RF technology, extending its operating range to over one mile without any additional fees
  • The FLRSBA was developed in conjunction with Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) and brings together the advanced technology of ADS with the core VOXX security and remote start features to introduce a fully integrated remote start/security system with a built-in FLCAN. The FLRSBA can also replace VOXX’s current vehicle specific data start systems, giving the dealers the option of a “one-module” solution with different vehicle specific harnesses – increasing flexibility and reducing carrying costs

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