VOXX Electronics Debuts CarLinkBT Long Range

VOXX Electronics Corp. soon will be releasing two new telematics products: CarlinkBT Long Range and Carlink Cellular ASCL6.

“As we continue to set the standard in the vehicle telematics category and expand the product offering, we are excited to be releasing two new products that are sure to change the way dealers and consumers look at the telematics category,” said Aron Demers, senior vice president of VOXX Electronics Corp.. Last year we released CarLinkBT to give consumers the opportunity to “test out” telematics without having to invest in a product with monthly or annual fees.  The only limitation was a limited operating range of 100 feet.  With our new offering we have greatly improved on that this year with the introduction of CarLinkBT Long Range with over 1 mile of operating range.”

The products will be introduced on Aug. 11 at the MERA KnowledgeFest in Dallas.

CarLinkBT Long Range allows long range smartphone control without any monthly or annual fees. CarLinkBT Long Range offers advanced convenience and a security solution when combined with a Prestige, Code Alarm or Pursuit remote start, security or keyless entry system.  The system communicates from a smartphone to a small one-button transmitter on a user’s keychain via Bluetooth, and then to the vehicle using long range LoRa RF technology-extending its operating range to over one mile without any additional fees.

CarLinkBT Long Range also offers VOXX dealers a unique store branding option with the ability to market directly to their customers with the CarLink App, according to the company.  CarLinkBT Long Range will start shipping in September.

VOXX has also applied for a new patent for a transmitter concept to eliminate the need to carry additional devices on your keychain. It’s extremely thin design, much like a credit card with a rechargeable battery was developed to stick-on the back of any smartphone device, placed inside of a briefcase/purse or even put on keychain to provide two-way functionality to the CarLinkBT smartphone app to lock/unlock and start your vehicle with over one mile of operating range, without any buttons or screens and no monthly or annual fees, according to VOXX.

“But we didn’t stop there,” Demers said. “We know one of the biggest challenges with the telematics category for consumers that want unlimited operating range are the monthly or annual fees, and the complexity of different services. So, we created CarLink ASCL6, one 3G system, with one service plan that includes vehicle control and vehicle location services.

“We are very excited for the future of telematics, and VOXX will continue to lead the way with new and innovative products.”

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