VOXX Electronics Concludes Best Retailer Promo in Company History

May 1, 2014

“The miserable winter that we experienced across the US and the exciting Remote Start Promotion we ran throughout the season combined to deliver of the best Remote Start seasons in our company’s history,” said Tom Malone, president of Audiovox Electronics. “We exceeded our sales projections and we received thousands of entries from hundreds of our retail partners, making this the best promotion we have ever run.”

Every remote start or remote start/security system in the Code Alarm, Prestige, Pursuit and Panther brands sold by an authorized VOXX dealer was eligible for inclusion in the promo and both the salesperson and the installer had a chance to win for every system sold.

The most registered system was the Code Alarm CA4053, followed by the Pursuit PRO9056C. In all, three of the top five systems registered were Code branded. The Midwest and East Coast were the regions with the largest number of entries, according to VOXX.

The grand prize winner of the Remote Start Promotion was Jared Cohen of Auto Action Group in Kenilworth, N.J.

“Audiovox is as much a part of our business as our employees; they’ve been with us since day one,” Cohen said. “It’s not hard for us to push Pursuit Remote Start systems and all their products because they’ve helped to make our business successful. Winning this contest and receiving such a wonderful prize is icing on the cake.”

The second prize winner was Mark McCormick of Micorp, which is located in Auburn, Mass. McCormick wona KLIPSCH GALLERY G-28 Home Theater.

“I’d like to thank Audiovox for a very successful remote start season,” McCormick said. “Their rock-solid product line allows us to perform installations with confidence.”

The third prizewinner was Tony Horton of ENORMIS Mobile Specialties in Erie, Pa. Horton won a KLIPSCH Gallery G-42 Sound Bar.

Horton said,Winning a really cool prize for doing a job I already enjoy makes it even better.”