VIDEO: Tanner Foust Pushes New Slingshot to the Limit

Mar 4, 2016

Polaris Slingshot and Mad Media have unveiled the performance video, SlingshotX: Tanner Foust // San Diego, CA. The film, viewable above, features three-time U.S. rally cross champion and four-time X-Games gold medalist Tanner Foust, in a demonstration of Polaris Slingshot’s extreme driving capability.

“Shooting SlingshotX was intense and I was amazed by what the vehicle could do. We pushed the vehicle to the limit in some pretty extreme locations and it handled them like a champ,” Foust said.

In the video, Foust drives a highly modified Polaris Slingshot SL vehicle built by and custom builder SlingStreet. The vehicle sports a custom turbo-charged engine, amongst other race-inspired modifications, making this one of the best handling and most powerful Slingshots ever built.