VIDEO: Acura’s ‘Mood Roads’ Changes Road Environment Depending on Driver's Mood

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Acura will return as Presenting Sponsor and Official Vehicle of the Sundance Film Festival for the seventh time on Jan. 20-28 in Park City. New this year, however, is Acura's technology, Mood Roads.


Acura Mood Roads is a new immersive virtual journey, which offers attendees a full-sensory virtual driving experience. Using brainwave technology to tap into 30 of the driver's emotional, cognitive, and physical inputs, Mood Roads create a unique environment with landscape, color, and music changing in real time to reflect the driver's moods.


The Mood Roads experience is inspired by Acura's acclaimed Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD), which uses three electric motors to provide exceptional handling, acceleration response, and braking performance combined with high fuel efficiency, according to the company.


"Acura's Mood Roads is a highly personal 90-second journey with no two experiences being identical," said the company.


To participate, guests will enter a spherical motion simulator equipped with a performance driver's seat and 30 biometric sensors, measuring 24 integration points including the user's brainwaves, heartbeat, and facial expressions. Once buckled in, guests will experience, in real-time, customized landscape, color, music, and speed that all change based on the driver's mood as interpreted by the biometric sensors.


Participants are taken down a virtual road in an abstract environment, bringing to life the road's curves, twists and turns through the motion simulator. The ride is projected on the inside of the Mood Roads sphere, with music specifically composed for differing experiences and other sound effects inspired by Acura vehicles, including the NSX supercar.

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