Veni Vidi Vicci: DiMora Masterpiece Gets a Supercharged V8

Dec 15, 2015

DiMora Motorcar now offers a supercharged 556-horsepower engine option for its DiMora Vicci 6.2 Emperor Convertible. The cast-aluminum 6.2-liter, V8 engine and six-speed standard or automatic transmission add exceptional high-performance to the rolling-art car, according to the company.

The 430-horsepower DiMora Vicci 6.2 made waves at the Los Angeles Auto Show, according to the high-end car maker.

“Our DiMora Vicci 6.2 is all about style and ingenuity, so we wanted to give our clientele the option of a supercharged motor,” said Sir Alfred J. DiMora, Founder of DiMora Motorcar. “With our current 430-horsepower engine that goes from zero to 60 in four seconds, you’re already getting a significant adrenaline rush when you are behind the wheel. So the new supercharged engine option is not for the faint of heart.”

Some DiMora Vicci 6.2 convertibles feature unique creations by world-renowned artists. Each of these automobiles is one-of-a-kind and comes with the original artwork that distinguishes the car.

Extensive use of Carbon DFD brings the weight of this supercharged rolling art down to 2,840 pounds.

Each DiMora Vicci 6.2 Emperor Series Limited Edition Convertible features unique artwork by Zen Master Lee Sun-Don. With its $1.2 million base price, each DiMora Vicci 6.2 is customized to the buyer’s liking, right down to the color of the Italian leather interior and English Wilton Wool carpeting, according to the company.