VehicleTalk to license some in-vehicle intellectual properties

Apr 12, 2011

Eagle Harbor Holdings LLC announced that it has formed VehicleTalk LLC as a subsidiary. VehicleTalk will focus on developing and licensing intellectual property related to next-generation Bluetooth-enabled vehicle data, Bluetooth-enabled e-911, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

EHH has tapped David Marsing to focus on corporate development and strategic planning and staffing for the new subsidiary. Marsing is a retired executive of Intel Corp. where he had multiple roles including vice president of Technology and Manufacturing Group and COO of Intel’s Network Communications Group.

“Vehicles are evolving to allow people the freedom to safely perform Internet-related tasks that previously were done at home or the office. In general our society is getting busier and busier, and for purposes of productivity, driving or riding in a car used to be considered down-time,” Marsing said. “Some of the key goals of VehicleTalk will be to safely transition ‘car-time’ to productive-time, and enhance automation of existing safety systems as well as enable the automation of new safety and maintenance systems.

“In the months and years to come, vehicle users will be surprised to learn some of the ways we’ll be applying the Internet to enhance user experience and overall safety in the vehicle. I’m anxious to grow this company and am excited by the people and resources already in place,” he added.

Tom Manos, EHH Telematics engineer, stated, “We’ve been developing various vehicle electronics platforms for well over 10 years. The intellectual property developed by VehicleTalk will stand on the shoulders of the pioneering work we have already proven to benefit the automotive industry, and we will leverage over a decade of experimentation and design development to quickly bring new telematics innovations to the marketplace. Our primary goal is aiding vehicle manufacturers to ultimately benefit consumers.”