Vegas Driverless Shuttle Involved in Accident on First Day

Who’s fault was it anyway?

Yahoo Finance is one of many outlets to report on a little accident in Las Vegas yesterday involving a new autonomous shuttle service that just launched. Here’s a snippet from the article:

A driverless shuttle set free in downtown Las Vegas was involved in a minor accident less than an hour after it hit the streets, reported the local NBC affiliate KSNV. Not really the kind of publicity you want, or that self-driving cars need.

The shuttle, an egglike 8-seater Navya, is operated by the AAA and Keolis. It was a test deployment along half a mile of the Fremont East “Innovation District,” so this thing wasn’t cruising the strip. Probably a good thing.

Now, it must be said that technically the robo-car was not at fault. It was struck by a semi that was backing up, and really just grazed – none of the passengers was hurt.

Click to read the rest from Yahoo Finance.

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