U.S. Veterans See Business Opportunity in Tint World

Oct 5, 2013

Jesse Moreno and Jesse Celetti, two U.S. Military veterans, recently opened a Tint World store in Miami.

Moreno, who served in the Army, and Celetti, who served in the Marines, began their business partnership while they were contracting overseas, according to Tint World. The Weston, Fla.-based franchise participates in the VetFran program and offers a 10 percent franchise fee discount to U.S. Military veterans.

“What attracted us to Tint World was our love for cars and to come back home and work here in the U.S.,” Celetti said. “We have been working overseas for the last couple of years and wanted to use the money we saved to open our own business, and Tint World gave us that opportunity. We are excited to get our names out there and making ourselves more a part of this community. We are in a great neighborhood surrounded by small businesses and are hoping to be successful and live out the American dream.”

Meanwhile, John Miller, a corporate pilot and stalwart of the music and entertainment industry, recently opened a Tint World store in St. Petersburg, Fla. Miller was attracted to Tint World by the strong leadership and enthusiasm from other franchisees, and support from the leadership and training team, according to Tint World.

Tint World has locations all over the U.S. and abroad, but hosts the largest number of stores in Florida, where it has now has 15 locations.