Turn 14 Distribution Seals up Engine Repairs with Addition of Victor Reinz

Nov 17, 2016

Turn 14 Distribution has added Victor Reinz engine sealing solutions to its product assortment.

“Turn 14 Distribution’s customers perform many engine-related repairs and upgrades. Now we can provide them with the gaskets and other sealing solutions offered by Victor Reinz,” said Kyle Shelley, Turn 14 Distribution’s director of sales. “Victor Reinz gasket sets are known all over the world for their quality and complete coverage. Turn 14 Distribution’s customers will appreciate the solutions provided by the company, as the technology and manufacturing processes used by Victor Reinz will ensure problem-free repairs.”

Nearly every automobile manufacturer uses Victor Reinz gaskets across their model lines for both engine and exhaust system sealing, according to the company. The products are manufactured to OE standards, ensuring quality and reliability along with exacting specifications.

The Victor Reinz investment in gasket tooling enabled the company’s expansion to the industry coverage leader it is today, according to the company. With 10,000 part numbers covering nearly 900,000 applications, no other gasket supplier is even close.

The Victor Reinz commitment to making technicians’ lives easier is prevalent in the most thorough bills of materials in the industry, according to the company. Every component a technician needs to complete a repair, from the biggest head gasket to the smallest O-ring, it can be found in a Victor Reinz gasket set. This eliminates costly delays and returns while raising customer satisfaction.