Turn 14 Distribution Adds OZ Tuner to Line Card

oz-tuner-turn-14Turn 14 Distribution has expanded its support for the diesel aftermarket with the addition of OZ Tuner to its line card. OZ Tuner is the first custom diesel truck tuning brand offered by the distributor.

“With the addition of OZ Tuner, we are now able to offer our diesel customers with custom tuning solutions.” said Kyle Shelley, Turn 14 Distribution’s director of sales. “Customers will be able to receive tunes via email by simply providing user email address, phone number, and AutoCal/FlashScan serial number when placing orders. OZ Tuner will then follow up to get the user set up with a tune for their vehicle.”

OZ Tuner has been providing custom performance tuning for Dodge and GM diesel applications with an ECM longer than the majority of other tuning companies and have truly developed an understanding of how to fully utilize the capabilities of external software.

Beyond the typical engine management software that most others stick to, OZ Tuner has perfected their art by also expanding into other onboard computers, according to the company. This includes the BCM (Body Control Module), which allows for full customization of things like daytime running lights, or into the TCM to alter transmission shift schedules and lock up sequence, and anything else that has wires connecting to a vehicle’s computer.

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