Turbocharger Companies Join Forces

Nov 28, 2016

Precision Turbo and Engine is joining of forces with the Napier and Turbonetics turbocharger team.

Turbonetics is a key supplier of turbochargers, regulators and related products to many of the world’s leading industrial power-generation companies. Additionally, Napier has an impressive 200-year history earning a reputation for engineering and manufacturing excellence, producing everything from printing presses and franking machines to cars, aero engines and the world’s finest industrial turbochargers, according to Precision Turbo and Engine.

These factors all contributed to Precision’s decision to join the Napier/Turbonetics team, according to the company.

“This unity is phenomenal. Not only is Precision Turbo gaining resources by working alongside Napier and Turbonetics, but the knowledge and experience that is being mutually combined will enable all companies to expand in existing and new markets,” said Harry Hruska, vice president of business development for Precision Turbo and Engine. “With the global presence of both companies, you can expect new opportunities to be created for Precision Turbo products.”

The addition of Precision Turbo and Engine is a strategic complement to the Turbonetics and Napier Turbocharger business. Together, they can leverage their strong engineering and take their technical capabilities to an entirely new level of excellence, from which both of their customers and suppliers alike will surely benefit greatly, according to the company.

Precision Turbo and Engine General Manager Roger Conley will continue to run the day-to-day operations at Precision Turbo and Engine as he has done for the past two years. Hruska also will continue to remain highly involved with and largely support the business and its future endeavors.