Torklift Refreshes Product Fitments for New Trucks

Jun 20, 2014

“We bring each new truck into our testing facility at our plant and fit all our products onto it,” said Randy Fisher, national sales manager of Torklift International. “We must do this because we want to make sure that all parts are no-drill and fit perfectly to individual trucks. When we get a new truck in, our engineering team puts it on a hoist and we test all our products including tie downs, SuperHitch, StableLoad and HiddenPower. It takes about a day to test each product and customize our fits to each truck.”

Fisher said it’s a primary goal for Torklift to keep its product fits current.

“We have a full-time person in our engineering department who only works on getting those new trucks in-house,” he said. “Our customers are dependent upon us to confirm fits for new applications. Many times we have customers who will actually put off vacations and truck camper purchases in order to wait for those parts to be available. It makes it all the more important to get those fits out immediately.”