Tonno Pro Revamps Trifold Production Methods

Sep 19, 2014

Since the store was started in 2009, the company has gone from sending out hundreds of covers per month to thousands. With increased quantity of sales, the company also desires to continue improving quality.

According to Bob Wolf, owner of Tonno Pro, the company has improved the sealing gasket, the stitching and bulkhead sealing

“We have a very unique design in what’s called the Q Seal gasket,” Wolf said. “It’s a fantastic gasket, however there’s some inherent problems in its design. If it’s too thick or the durometer of the product is too heavy it’s very difficult to compress.

“Now when you compare it to other truck covers that use a flat cap tape, it’s still a much improved gasket, but with the new designs of trucks and the plastic bedcaps and everything else, we’ve had some issues with some leaking.”

Tonno Pro has addressed the leaking by lowering the durometer of the gasket. According to Wolf, the lowered durometer allows the clamps to easily compress the gasket and produce a tighter seal.

The type of stitching used for the covers has undergone a full replacement. Tonno Pro uses 24-ounce dual-coated vinyl, which makes finding the right stitching to pierce it difficult. The holes left by the stitching can gather moisture, which in turn can lead to loosened threads. Tonno Pro saw a fix to this after encountering a new type of thread.

“The thread is coated and as it goes through and is tightened it seals the hole shut, preventing any moisture from getting in those pinholes,” Wolf said.

The third change improves how the cover interacts with the bulkhead of trucks. For most trucks the bulkhead does not typically have a plastic piece on it, and so it leaves a gap that can let in rain.

“If you’re driving down the road at 65 or 70 miles per hour and it’s raining out, you’re going to get water right off the front tire and off the road and running right back down the windows of that truck,” Wolf said. “It’s going to be shoved right into the front of that cover where it’s most vulnerable.”

Many of the solutions Tonno Pro tried in the past did not consistently work due to additional factors such as aftermarket bedliners. The company’s new solution is a flat weather seal stitched to hang over the front bulkhead in between the cab and the bed. According to Wolf, the new seal works for all applications.