Tjin Body Kits Forged Through Dynamic Partnership

Mar 25, 2014

“Our customers are always looking to stand apart at shows all across the country,” Herrera said. “Neil is known throughout the country as setting some of the biggest trends in the scene, and when our customers see the Tjin name on these parts they know that they’re getting something unique and at the forefront. It’s not just another off-the-shelf design, but something so much more.”

Tjin, who has been involved in the automotive aftermarket for more than 15 years, has designed and built more than 60 vehicles. He has partnered with automakers such as General Motors, Ford Motor Co, Honda North America and Scion Corp. Tjin was named SEMA Sport Compact Council (SCC) Person of the Year in 2005 and has served as an ambassador for brands such as iForded and Forgestar Wheels; Air Power Group’s Vortech, Paxton and Lysholm Superchargers; Webasto; Baer Brake Systems; and Universal Technical Institute (UTI).

Restyling & Truck Accessories sat down with Tjin to discuss Extreme Dimensions’ line of Tjin Edition body kits, which includes aerodynamic parts for Mustang, Camaro and Cobalt.

What inspired the “Neil Tjin” brand of body kits offered by Extreme Dimensions?

I have always been into enhancing the exterior of our project cars, and I believe that body kits and paint play huge roles in modifying your exterior. Back in the ’90s, my company was one of the first in the U.S. to work with a Japanese body kit brand call Bomex. We did almost 25 projects featuring Bomex kits, and we helped Bomex get into the first few Fast and the Furious movies, including on the orange Supra. We also worked with other body kit companies like Veilside, and when we were approached by Extreme Dimensions a few years ago, it was a no brainer for us to partner with them.

What makes the body kits significant?

The design and style. We wanted to do something that stood out, but was clean and simplistic. We designed all of the parts you see under the Tjin Edition/Extreme Dimensions lines, including some of our best sellers, like the Cobalt trunk wing, and the Camaro and Mustang body kits.

Why did you choose Extreme Dimensions as a manufacturer and distributor?

In all honesty, they approached me. After meeting with them, their owner and seeing their operation, the choice was simple. They cater to a wide variety of clientele, and it’s exciting to be partnering with someone who understands the body kit segment.

What can restylers expect to see from you in 2014?

We have some really big things planned for 2014. Besides continuing with our National Tjin Edition Roadshow, we are expanding to a West Coast Tjin Edition X Dayuum Roadshow. So, now we will be doing over 40 national events for our partners and OEM partners. This will allow us to interact with spectators from all over the U.S., ranging from all ages and all demographics. We have some amazing partners, and it will be exciting to bring their products and our builds to hundreds of thousands of spectators in 2014. Plus, we will be looking to continue our partnerships with Ford, Honda and General Motors, and build some cool new projects for SEMA and the 2015 season.