Tint World Partners with Scrape Armor

Tint World Automotive Styling Centers has become an authorized dealer and installer of Scrape Armor, a provider of front bumper and undercarriage protection panel kits designed to protect cars with low front overhangs.

“No matter how careful you are, if your car has a low approach angle, you’re going to end up causing some damage,” said Charles J. Bonfiglio, CEO of Tint World. “Whether you own an Acura or an Aston Martin, our partnership with Scrape Armor means Tint World customers will be able to protect their automotive investment from the ground up before they end up causing damage.”

Each piece of Scrape Armor is made from a strong, lightweight TEKLITE low-friction polymer, and features a GLIDETEK rail design that reduces the contact surface area for maximum protection, according to the company. All Scrape Armor protection panel kits are digitally designed and precision manufactured with an ELIPTEK edge profile, ensuring each piece is perfectly contoured on the front and back edges.

“As much as enthusiasts love the sexy, low-to-the-ground front end look, it inevitably invites trouble,” said Jerome Pfitzner, director of sales for Scrape Armor. “Speed bumps, parking blocks, curbs-these can all slowly scrape away at the car you love so much. Our new partnership with Tint World means their customers will be able to protect their investment by working with their nearest store to add Scrape Armor to their vehicle.”

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