Tint World to Offer Full Line by Dash Designs

Tint World Automotive Styling Centers has partnered with Dash Designs, a manufacturer of custom fabric automotive accessories. Tint World will offer the full line of custom fabric products from Dash Designs.

“The thing that really turned us on to Dash Designs is the fit of their products,” said Charles J. Bonfiglio, Tint World CEO. “Everything they sell has a custom, perfect fit. No one else has this type of precision for vehicles. They can customize down not only to the year, make and model, but also to a middle of the year change in production. They are that precise. Another great example of their attention to detail is their seat covers. Most cars today have side airbags in the car seats and those need to be exposed to function properly. Dash Designs takes this into consideration and they have designed cut outs for those airbag deployments. They understand it’s not only about your car looking good, it’s about safety as well.”

Dash Design products sold at Tint World will include custom fit dash covers, custom seat covers, a retractable sunshade, a custom solar shade, custom floor mats, steering wheel covers, and its new Laser Shades.

“We actually got started with Tint World after sending their executive VP a dash cover for a recent auto show he was competing in,” said Kent Akbay, general sales manager at Dash Designs. “He just happened to be in the market for one when we sent it. It arrived just in time and he loved it. From there all we had to do was work out the details to be able to provide our custom fit products to all Tint World locations and customers. They are a great fit for us and we can’t wait to see how successful their franchisees are selling our products.”

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