Tint World goes after aftermarket installers after big-box electronics store closings

Jul 24, 2012

As some big-box electronics stores close physical locations, customers and expert installers are losing a place for aftermarket automotive products. Tint World Franchise, Weston, Fla., contacted recently closed big-box stores to employ displaced installers and provide local customers with a source for automotive products and installation.

Due to customer preference for the convenience of online shopping, big-box electronics stores recently began closing their warehouse-sized physical storefronts. However, while most products can be bought online, many of these stores also offered automotive electronics and installation, which does require a local center.

Tint World has taken steps to employ displaced mobile electronics installers and meet the customer demand that big-box closings leave behind. New hires have been made as a result and more installers are currently in the interview process.

For installers and customers alike, the automotive franchise has positioned itself specifically to meet this sales and installation need. The firm’s reps plan to maintain discussions with big-box store managers to employ electronics installers and prospect installers interested in opening their own Tint World auto centers.